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Book Chapters

  • McConnell, C. and Uhrmacher, P. B. (in press). Eco-aesthetic experiences: A Deweyan framework for ecological aims in schools. In P. L. Maarhuis & A. G. Rud (Eds.), Imagining Dewey: Artful works and dialogue about Art as Experience. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill-Sense. Expected Summer 2020.

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Editorial Experience

  • Editor, Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 2016-2017. Information Age.

  • Co-editor, with David Flinders, Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 2014-2016. Information Age. 

  • Associate Editor, Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, (2011-2014). With co-editors David Flinders and Bruce Uhrmacher. Volumes 13-16, Information Age. 

  • Culture Currents, (2003-2005, 2007, 2009). Assistant Editor to P. Bruce Uhrmacher, Book Review Editor, International Journal for Leadership in Education, Taylor and Francis.


Book Reviews

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Professional Reports and Miscellaneous

  • Uhrmacher, Conrad & McConnell Moroye (2019). Foreword. Nurturing Art Educators: A Planbook/Sketchbook for Vibrant Art Education Lesson Plans by Kristin Baxter. Teachers College Press. 

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