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Who I Am


I am receptive and amenable to new ideas, situations, and people; I am willing to take risks.


I understand and reflect upon my own values, culture, beliefs, and practices; I actively get to know my students; I am open to feedback.


I believe all students are worthy; I build relationships with students and others; I create safe spaces for learning.


I am present, genuine in my interactions, and appropriately open with students and others.

What I Do

Personalize the Experience

I provide multiple ways for students to engage with content and invite cultural perspectives into the classroom as a part of the learning.

Teach the Whole Person

I view students as individuals and support their academic, social and emotional growth.

Teach with Intention

I make curricular and instructional decisions based upon my current students' needs and interests.

Develop Autonomy

I help students think critically, learn to solve problems, and become agents of change in their lives.

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