Lesson Planning with Purpose

Christy McConnell    Bradley Conrad    P. Bruce Uhrmacher
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5 out of 5 stars! Examples and lesson plans on how to teach the same material depending on the way students or a student learns. Very well written and practical. A winner! - People Learn in Different Ways, Amazon (August, 2020)

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When teachers and students are both engaged in the educational enterprise, every day has the potential to be transformative. Lesson Planning with Purpose takes readers on a journey through many pathways to engaging and meaningful educational experiences. The text first discusses perceptive teaching: the belief that teachers must know themselves and their students while cultivating culturally sensitive, safe, and inviting spaces for learning for all students. Next, five unique approaches to lesson planning are explored: behaviorist, constructivist, aesthetic, ecological, and integrated social–emotional learning. Each chapter provides the rationale for the approach, its theoretical background, practical applications, and critiques and considerations. Chapters end with a sample lesson that can be compared across approaches.

The Features
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  • A comprehensive examination of multiple approaches to lesson planning.

  • Guidance for teachers on when to choose various approaches, as well as how they might mix and match and blend ideas.

  • User-friendly lesson plan templates, sample lessons, and discussion questions.

  • An appendix with lesson plan examples written by practicing teachers across content areas and age groups.


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Lesson Planning with Purpose takes the theory behind the way we teach and helps teachers develop practical ways to implement the covered approaches. Each chapter includes the theoretical background which breaks down the "why" or the purpose behind our teaching. In my role as a Social & Emotional Learning specialist, I seek to find ways to integrate SEL into the content areas. The chapter on ISEL allows me to help teachers use the templates to create a lesson plan that works to meet their students' academic and social and emotional needs. - Ashlea Campbell

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The John Buckner Educational Fellowship for Lesson Planning with Purpose


“When both teachers and students are engaged in the educational enterprise, every day has the potential to be transformative.”


From Lesson Planning with Purpose: Five Approaches to Curriculum Design,

C. McConnell, B. Conrad, and P. B. Uhrmacher

Teachers College Press (2020)


Due to the generosity of several anonymous donors, we are pleased to announce the call for nominations and applications for the John Buckner Educational Fellowship for Lesson Planning with Purpose. The aim of the Buckner Fellowship is to help teachers design and implement innovative lesson plans that create meaningful, equitable experiences for students while exploring rigorous and relevant content. We will guide Buckner Fellows to become Perceptive Teachers by exploring their own cultural identities, as well as the identities and diverse perspectives of students in their classrooms.


Each of the Buckner Fellows will receive a free copy of the book, two live zoom sessions with the authors, and personalized advice from expert teachers, all while building an international collaborative community of like-minded educators. The first zoom session will explore Perceptive Teaching and cultural responsiveness; the second will provide ideas for teaching in the time of corona virus. Both sessions will not only help you get through the current global and national crises but will also help you become a more effective teacher overall.


Please nominate a teacher for this opportunity by sending their name, school name, grade and subject area taught, email address, and a brief statement about why they are a good candidate for this opportunity (100 words max). We seek individuals who may be described as creative, reflective, open-minded, and caring professionals. Teachers at any grade level are welcome as are beginning teachers and experienced educators. Self-nominations are encouraged! Review of nominations begins August 24.


Google Form Link for Nominations: 


Live Sessions with the Authors (Online; Dates TBD)


Session One: Perceptive Teaching and Cultural Responsiveness


· Who are you and what do you do as a teacher to create meaningful and equitable experiences?

· Overview of Five Approaches to Curriculum Design: Behaviorist, Constructivist, Aesthetic, Ecological,

   Integrated Social Emotional Learning

· Small Group Discussions and Planning


Session Two: Teaching in the Time of Corona Virus


· Planning for Meaningful Educational Experiences in a variety of models

· Small Group Discussions and Planning


Representative John Buckner (1947-2015) was a dedicated educator and served the 40th District in the Colorado House of Representatives. He began his teaching career in 1969 in Illinois, and then in 1975 moved to the Cherry Creek School District in Aurora, Colorado. Buckner was a beloved teacher and administrator who insisted on a rigorous and equitable education for all students, and he embodied what it means to be a caring educator. He sponsored legislation to increase funding for English language learners and to provide thousands more children the opportunity to attend kindergarten. Buckner also sponsored legislation to assist schools in closing opportunity gaps to ensure that all students are challenged. We offer this fellowship to grow the seeds that he planted.


Google Form Link for Nominations. Review begins August 24th: